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Grounds Maintenance

Our services include:

Grass Cutting

Our grass cutting team have the equipment to cut large and small areas including verges. We have the facility of collecting and disposing of the cuttings either on or off site if required. Also we have the equipment to cut rough areas of grass.


Sometimes its impossible to cut grass in certain areas or it is too long for normal cutting machines. Strimming can be an effective solution to overgrown or hard to get to places. All of our operators are trained to use petrol driven strimmers.

Weed Control

We are trained in pesticide application from a knapsack sprayer. We can apply pesticide to control weeds and other problem vegetation. We always find the safest and most environmentally friendly way in our application and where possible we use chemicals with least harm to the environment.

Site Clearance

Overgrown areas can be a real problem. Vegetation, trees or even general litter can look a real eyesore. We have the facilities to undertake a full site clearance and removal all debris from site.

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